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UAH TLT 2010 Jan

Things came together. A rewrite of the software including automatic handling of different data grid sizes and new data.

As things in the lap of the Gods do, the gremlins suddenly vanished, total database rebuild of all 8 datasets went perfectly and all functions work. Earlier I had emailed UAH asking if they could unlock outside access to the new data and a couple of hours later, voila. Pulled the three files directly into the directory here, rebuild UAH, accepted it perfectly and deep breath, render. It works. Time then for a single malt and bed, in that order. A bar in the bed is very uncomfortable. (and no I am not a drinker but once in a while is nice)

Today I had a closer look at the plot, yup, makes sense.  Colder than normal over central Asia, north west Europe, south east USA. Warmer over north east USA/Canada and that makes some sense given what I have read about lack of snow etc. there.

The rather large residual annual cycle in UAH and RSS might play a part. This can be removed via lookup table post 2003, too warm Dec/Jan, too cold late spring. This is unpublished. Part of the work on gridded is about trying to work out what is wrong.

Click for full size version.

I’ve change quite a few things. The aspect ratio is now about right. Minimal graticule. White seems a sensible zero colour.

What I have not done yet is sort out temperature scaling. When the dataset is translated and inserted into the database the max and min in all time is recorded. That will help.

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