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And another one

Progress continues. These are the datasets already done and locally available here.

In directory listing order

  • anom-grid2-1880-current  GHCN
  • channel_tls_tb_anom_v03_2  RSS tls
  • channel_tlt_tb_anom_v03_2 RSS tlt
  • channel_tmt_tb_anom_v03_2 RSS tmt
  • channel_tts_tb_anom_v03_2 RSS tts
  • crutem2
  • crutem3
  • grid_1880-2009_RVose GHCN R Vose
  • hadcrut3
  • hadsst2
  • tlsmonamg_5.1 UAH tls
  • tltmonamg_5.2 UAH tlt
  • tmtmonamg_5.1 UAH tmt

Converting most was not too difficult but RSS proved a spot of “fun”. Binary is not a problem but the documents obfuscate. It gave in but on doing a quick render to eyeball sanity, huh? Data runs from the zero meridian, not as everyone else -180 to 180. A quick and dirty hack fixes that, accumulate into two halves and write out switched over.

RSS supply data in unrounded floats, also unique. That is not how I am storing data so it is chopped to hundredths, good enough for the intended purposes. It wouldn’t be a problem storing full precision except I care about compact and fast enough. All the above database on disk uncompressed is 127M

Point here being the local database version is invariant, always same data, same place.

Computing the global mean temperature data seems to work for RSS too. I still don’t know how best to handle this for the datasets with missing data: perhaps there is no one right answer. Have a play with various schemes something to try and get a feeling for what works well.

Someone asked in private if a dataset subtraction could be done. Yes that is a todo sometime, it would be interesting to see the differences on a global basis.

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