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Arctic UAH TLT polar temperature plots

November 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Discussion on the Bishop’s blog could useful use plots of UAH lower troposphere data and since I can do this, two plots follow.

Both the following are rotated to roughly match the plots cited in the other blog.

Actually used, looks like 90,30 which is 30 degree clockwise, plot range +-4C, disc is for whole earth equal area:

lua query.lua uahtlt render year=2010 month=10 centre=90,30 size=1024,768 range=4 lamaz

Sept 2010

Sept 2010

Oct 2010

Oct 2010

This was all done quickly and I couldn’t remember how to do it! No doubt could be improved.

I am not looking for comments here.

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Most accurate global temperature?

November 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Further work on the satellite global monthly both RSS and UAH produces

global lower troposphere temperatureClick for full size.

This is the most accurate I can do at the moment.

A discovery was a time offset for the residual annual cycle and harmonics for both datasets, an unexpected and strange effect. Why? It ought to be centred on exactly one year.

I am nervous about allowing for this without knowing what is going on. Perhaps it is an artefact of the quantised satellite orbit mismatching orbital period. (is about 0.97 year instead of 1)

I’ve used datasets computed here from gridded because this avoids the Shannon limitation in the published data. (doubt it makes a material difference)

Data, intermediates, full explanations, ask.

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