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Solar cycle progress to maximum


The solar polar magnetic field goes through zero at about sunspot cycle maximum, with the magnetic cycle running at half the speed, one reason why alternate sunspot cycles are similar.

The present solar situation is genuinely anomalous with no-one clear on what is going to happen next.


This is a local copy as of posting date of Dr Hathaway’s version of the butterfly diagram (click for full size). The excellent web page with links to data and current diagram is here

Wilcox data and plots here, more general page here with other metrics.

SIDC data etc. is here

I chose the easy way to align SSN and the magnetic data for plotting. Daily SSN is low pass filtered at about 25 days, then decimated to identical points as the magnetic data, 10 days. This is accurate enough. End compensation is used.

If anyone wants the data used, ask, can do an xls.

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