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Anders Angstrom: Nocturnal radiation at various altitudes


The curves bring out some interesting facts that deserve special consideration.
For ordinary values of the humidity, the effective radiation has a maximum at 1 to 4 km. altitude. An increase of the humidity or a decrease of the temperature
gradient shifts this maximum to higher altitudes. The effective radiation gradient
is consequently positive at low altitudes and negative at high altitudes. — A. Angstrom

Fig. 14 from paper 100 years ago by Anders Angstrom on LWIR emission. This shows families of curves grouped by two different lapse rates.

Note: This Daedal Earth blog article was rapidly produced to make the PDF available for citation elsewhere. Content may change later.

Sub-extract from Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections, Volume 65, Number 3, published 1915. is A study of the Radiation of the Atmosphere

Physicist Dr Anders Angstrom was the son of physicist Dr Knut Anstrom (radiation instrument inventor) the son of physicist Dr Anders Angstrom after whom the wavelength unit the Angstrom is named. Confusion is understandable.

Extracted chapter, pages 76..97 of original

Chapter VIII, Applications to some Meteorological Problems

A. Nocturnal radiation at various altitudes

Link to PDF here, 23 pages, 4.8 MB , images rotated for normal viewing.

Additional material which might be of interest.

Techniques of Determining the Turbidity of the Atmosphere’
By ANDERS ANGSTROM, The Eppley Foundation for Research, U.S.A.
(Manuscript received January 16, 1961)
From Tellus via Wiley online


WMO “Bulletin” Interview With Dr Anders K. Ångström

The original scan produced a large technically difficult to handle PDF document. Comprises page images and a rough OCR of the text, which is removed from the extracts. Original scans here http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/bibliography/8128#/summary (good luck with the server response)

If necessary I can provided the OCR but it needs careful checking and to a degree copy typing.

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