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Met Office reports of day extremes 2013

Over much of 2013 I have been collecting the extremes for a day as reported by the UK Met Office. April up to 1st December.

Example as copied

24 hours ending 2100 on 1 Dec 2013:UK
Highest max 0900-2100 11.7 °C Gt Cumbrae Millport
Lowest max 0900-2100 5.1 °C Okehampton
Lowest min 2100-0900 -4.1 °C Exeter Airport
Highest rainfall 2100-2100 3.2 mm Cluanie Inn
Sunniest 2100-2100 6.8 hours Wittering
Last updated: 2302 on Sun 1 Dec 2013

This might be useful / of interest to a few people so I have processed the information into a flat field spreadsheet form. I considered full Normal form but lets keep things simple, I’ve done the hard part.

Perhaps I could add latitude and longitude, and web links for each station. Is this wanted?

Spreadsheet in .XLS format is here,  (103k) 97/2000/XP format for portability and WordPress compatibility (only a few file suffix are allowed)

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