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Ozone Northern Hemisphere dance


Image processed to show land outlines and grid

Northern hemisphere ozone receives little attention.

Fairly recently a partial view of the north has become available, still incomplete, model output, nevertheless this might be eye opening.

The images used here are from NASA [1]  are tilted partial northern hemisphere. Image left  here is making the geography clear, barely makes the Mediterranean, southern US or Japan.

Fingers of ozone reaching far south has been known for a long time, pre-dates satellites, is rarely mentioned.

Satellite sensing is restricted by how it has to be done: the only proper way is by transmission through the atmosphere, which means from the ground. Reason: measurement uses the difference in absorption between a pair of spectral lines where a light source shining through, daytime the sun, night-time reflected sunlight, the moon, hence remote sensing has no data night side.

(see https://daedalearth.wordpress.com/2013/07/13/stratospheric-ozone-dobson-history-at-oxford/)

Below are clickable thumbnails which will download a small (mostly smaller than 2.5MB) MP4 file from NASA for local playing on your computer. You need player software.

Northern Hemisphere Ozone videos 360×240, MMERRA model, see notes first. 1978 onwards, left to right, top to bottom. Red high, green median, blue low. Restricted timespan.

These are MP4 videos on a NASA server, larger than the above thumbnails. All are incomplete years, mostly Nov 1st through 31st May. Daily frames at 6fps.

The resemblance to electrical ionisation patterns is not a coincidence and these rotate, the earth view does not. You are viewing the earth slightly tilted with Greenland more or less where you are looking, see head image. Higher resolution versions are on the NASA site. MOV format might be available.

I have a video of all the above. This has missing segments which I could insert as blank. This is 80MB which is too large as a sensible blog file and anyway  seen part, seen most of it.

1. Data is from

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Goddard Space Flight Center

Arctic Ozone Watch


A warning about the website, you will be thrown to Antarctic at every opportunity or pointed at partial data. For example link, only longer animations linked are for a single month “December 1979–2013”, beware.

I’ve yanked out a common set of information and that is the basis of this blog post.

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