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More Luling

Following on from yesterday where Paul Homewood picked up on a comment I made on his blog see Luling Keeps Changing June 29, 2014, I took a look today at the NCDC data.

Maybe I picked up the wrong files, seems surreal.

I am now going to be precise step by step.

The example temperatures are for a test month mean, Jan 2011, we know the observer sheet computes to 8.11C measured and although not mentioned Feb 2011 sheet shows a serious station fault.

Above 8.99E and 11.50E, linked image on remote site

Above 8.93E and 11.50E, linked image on remote site


Directory FTP link (as given by Paul)

Dates 30th June (listing is for a UK locale date format of a US site)

Files in archives


RAW, 8.13 and no data. [update] This is accurate, see addendum below. [/update]


TOB, 8.60 and no data.

Is this correct?

Has the location or altitude of Luling changed over the past 24 hours? 😐


I have now recomputed the day average from the full min and max day figures.


Rounds to 8.13C
Calculating based on the already rounded mean of min and max gives the 8.11C figure.

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