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Katesbridge exponential cooling

The night of 28th to 29th December 2014 was calm under high pressure across much of the UK after a clear sunny winter’s day. It was going to be cold.


[UPDATE: Met Office, -8.8C ]

This is a partial weather station in Northern Ireland, red trace is temperature, pink is dewpoint and green is wind. No other data.

This blog article is an addition to this one at Tallbloke’s, and providing the data.

Here is the data for all Met Office Datapoint stations for the 24 hours overnight. CSV has been imported to spreadsheet and saved as portable old format XLS. (1MB)

An associated file of thumbnail plots for all stations as a 23 page PDF is here (1.28MB).

Instructions on how to get a look at the cold stations

  • Open the spreadsheet
  • Select all cells with data
  • Invoke data sort ascending on column E (temperture) followed by column A (station)

That gives a list low to high on temperature.

If you open the PDF and search on the station number from column A you will get the plot, gives station name, location, etc.

Alternatively find he station details in the spreadsheet and there are two web browser links ready set up for Bing maps and Google maps.

Tha last column of the spreadsheet is experimental, an estimate of clear air insolation. Possibly more importanly in this case it shows sunrise and sunset.

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  1. December 30, 2014 at 00:51

    UK extremes Parameter Location Value
    Highest maximum temperature Harris Quidnish 9.1 °C
    Lowest maximum temperature Threave -0.7 °C
    Lowest minimum temperature Katesbridge -8.8 °C
    Highest rainfall Emley Moor 5.4 mm
    Sunniest Camborne 7.2 hours

    Issued at: 2303 on Mon 29 Dec 2014

  2. December 30, 2014 at 01:08

    Weather is starting to creep across the UK from the north west, Katesbrdige will not be so cold tonight.

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