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An 11 year solar signal in the atmosphere

June 27, 2014 9 comments

A 10 year old paper in JGR unearthed a slight solar effect in the atmosphere and whilst the paper is mentioned in various blog comments around the netnote, a quick search suggests it hasn’t had direct exposure. No harm done if it has.


Subset of Figure 4 from the paper, y-axis is atmospheric pressure hPa. Above is a hovmoller diagram.

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Trenberth’s missing variable

August 16, 2013 1 comment

Trenberth is widely alleged to have written things about missing heat, good headlines but not really what he wrote.

He was upset over being unable to explain a divergence between what he expected from models and actual data, complaining the data is inadequate, presumably something which was either not measured or inaccurate. The reader can find the precise words if they want.

I hold the opinion the data we have is poor, hence things such as US Standards body questions absolute accuracy of TSI instruments, we increasingly are unsure about what solar factors affect earth and other more technical issues.

I put it like this: the calculations involved do not cross check. Trenberth is admitting for all the vast amount of money spent, man lifetimes of effort, the data is still too poor to figure out what is wrong.

Since then hiding heat, the missing heat problem has been discussed widely, papers published and still no answer, at least that I have heard about.

The assumption is that AGW theory is correct but the earth as a grand calorimeter says no.

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