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Czech-Canadian tree ring study

September 26, 2014 1 comment

This post is in honour of a great mind where I have more to say sometime.

The late Vít Klemeš who died 2010 gave a talk on July 12, 2007, in the HW2003 Workshop on Analysis of Variability in Hydrological Data Series, at the IAHS General Assembly in Perugia, Italy.

He concluded with a truism I believe in

The moral of my talk is this: The most fun and perhaps the greatest value of doing something is in doing it. The results may well go up in smoke, be wrong, become obsolete and forgotten, but some new ideas may have emerged in pursuing them, and some of them may somewhere, sometime, bear fruit. …”

They have, right now.

And that is Vít Klemeš. He had a sense of fun, sense of humour, yet enough is revealed in past writing showing he comes across as quietly subtle, a real technician, the lack of ego which comes with confidence.

This presentation is as a PDF at a moderate technical level which might seem somewhat wooden in places. It needs a degree of background knowledge, without this maybe there is enough.



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The Zen of Population (N=0)

November 12, 2013 Leave a comment

Steve McIntyre + Josh = 0

Brilliant precusors and post.

Now notice WUWT are reporting CFC Ozone hole causes warming and cooling, two different studies two years apart.

Climate Audit

Mann rose to prominence by supposedly being able to detect “faint” signals using “advanced” statistical methods. Lewandowsky has taken this to a new level: using lew-statistics, lew-scientists can deduce properties of population with no members. Josh summarizes the zen of lew-statistics as follows:


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