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A Jurassic walk in the sunshine

October 19, 2015 1 comment

Friday (2nd October) we had a day out for the first time this chilly year.

The Indian summer was about to break so it was the last day likely to be clear. The day dawned misty, clearing to a gloriously sunny day, cloudless blue, but with a chilly east wind, reached 16C.

Our plan was to take a long drive to the Swanage area on the south coast of England and if feasible visit a secluded bay. Afterwards I intended to take the opportunity to visit the small Swanage Met Office weather site to take close-up photographs, if time permitted.


Chapmans Pool, Jurassic coast (c)2015 E H Channon

Sitting on a rock in the warm sunshine, gentle sea, beautiful place, a perfect day.

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Hugin and correction of photographic distortion

August 3, 2014 2 comments


Superconducting conductors arriving at Fermilab, credits at end.

None of you will know I have history in photography, award winning, newspaper front page, glossy magazine front page, etc., none earth shattering but it was a personal challenge in the film era. Put another way I have an interest from both the art and technical perspective.

I intended producing a minor blog post on Fermilab and the magnet, ideally posts need a good headline photograph, what with copyright and poor technical standards this is often tricky. My own blog, this one, tends to get poor art.

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