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Fast tidal data facility, UNESCO / IOC

January 3, 2015 Leave a comment

A couple of days I spotted a data event worth following up but I needed high resolution tidal data, difficult to find.


UNESCO / IOC have created a facility directly linked to many (768 listed) tidal gauges provided true high resolution data, such as 15 minute and with a record of up to 30 days.

The intent seems to be providing public data for safety and research, such as Tsunami monitoring.

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Met Office spurious sea level claim

February 15, 2014 2 comments


Link to XLS download (15kB, Excel 97/2003)

During January 2014 the Met Office promoted a forecast claim of 11-16cm sea level rise by 2030. This failed external review and was replaced by asserting the mistake was omitting to mention the rise was from a 24 year old reference date.

The Met Office changed their text by mentioning 1990 but omitted (at time of writing) to recompute the claimed sea level rise which sensibly must be from today, not 24 years ago.

An earlier part of the saga is linked here

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Is sea level really an issue?

Normalised sea level and temperature

This is likely to be controversial and dismissed by some as invalid, which is their problem.

The RSS data is monthly.

Topex/Jason data is sampled roughly every 10 days, processed into monthly and then normalised to the RSS data.

Both month data were low pass filtered at 10 years, with end correction. This is likely to be dismissed as impossible, look, it is self evidently about right.

All four are plotted above.

Other work has suggested there is a correlation between temperature and sea level, sea level lagging perhaps 4 years. (I doubt many people think that sea level causes temperature)

The actual sea level rises being talked about are extremely small relative to the size of the planet.

What if the top few x metres of sea water are warmed by 0.2K?