This blog site is about distributing work I have done on climatic data which would otherwise be lost to the world and anything else which takes my fancy.

  • Help and discussion is welcome.
  • My mistakes  or errors, please point them out.
  • If you use any data elsewhere please attribute, I try to do likewise.

Who am I?

My name is Tim Channon, my abode is within the south of England. Not young. My background includes wide experience in commercial R&D, analogue, digital representation and digital electronics, embedded systems, includes contract design. Taking a whole problem from physics through to reliable production is fascinating, a lot of work requiring great attention to detail.

During 2011 I started contributing and co-moderating  Tallbloke’s Talkshop, leading to neglect here.

Added late 2014. For me a terribly sad matter, death of a companion, which I took very hard. Recovery will hopefully be relatively fast, leaving whatever memory provides. link

Link to contact form.

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