UAH lower troposphere visualisation

Here is the UAH lower troposphere data as

  • 300+ PNG images
  • 640×480,
  • Dec 1978 to Dec 2009
  • Rendered to Hammer equal area world projection from published 2.5 degree gridded data, unequal area.
  • Basic graticule added at 45 degrees.
  • Country outlines are present.
  • Temperature range +-10C

Analysis of this dataset says

MaxT= 10.39C date 1981 1 Lat/long= 63.75 -116.25
MinT= -9.75C date 1982 1 Lat/long= 58.75 -108.75

Source data is here

File requires decoding as a workaround for WordPress upload restriction on file type. Is a valid OpenOffice Writer file but containing an extra directory called /data/ inside the ZIP format container. Open with archiver or rename to zip and open with archiver, or on Win32/64 a zip can be browsed.

PDF is here  uah-tlt-640×480

Datafile here uah-tlt-dat

lower troposphere

lower troposphere

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