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Autoscale and Fort Yukon

Automatic plot range setting proved very easy to do since the total range in the entire dataset is always known.

(ceiling(max(abs(tmin),abs(tmax)))/5)*5 and then + and – the result as the range

This seems to give +-25C for land, surprisingly, +-10 for mid troposphere and +-30C for lower stratosphere.

Hanging question: why is the mid trop range small? Also why such bizarre looking figures?

The max/min figures, not grabbed them all yet

  • UAH lower strat +26C 2009-02, -20.81C 1997-03
  • UAH mid trop +6.99C 2006-01, -6.66C 1989-02
  • UAH lower trop +10.39C 1981-02, -9.75C 1982-01
  • GHCN R Vose +19.27 1950-01,  -20.21 1917-12 (Fort Yukon, Alaska see footnote)
  • Hadcrut3 +19.5 1950-01, -20.9 1917-12
  • Crutem3  +19.5 1950-01, -20.9 1917-12 (should be the same, land only)

Now in the above we start to see the commonality of datasets.

The Vose all time minimum coincides with the lat/long grid cell for Fort Yukon

Since I can pull out a timeseries here it is

1917.792	-0.12
1917.875	-2.87
1917.958	-20.21
1918.042	4.94
1918.125	-3.07

Aspects of Winter Temperatures in Interior Alaska, N.A. Streten, undated, last reference 1967

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